Portobello Road IOD Stamp

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The Portobello Road IOD Stamp is another innovative design from the Iron Orchid Design sisters. You will love how versatile the stamp is and the details will make every project a masterpiece!

The driving aesthetic behind Portobello Road is inspired by the Dickensian-style Christmas villages. However, the true muse for this set is Sally and Josie’s late Grandpa Browne, a remarkable man who was not only a brilliant historian with a passion for European history but also a gifted brain surgeon. Summers spent at their grandparents’ house were filled with hours of crafting miniatures and dioramas under his guidance. From casting tiny brick panels in plaster and silicone moulds to building intricate villages to listening to his captivating, albeit sometimes gruesome, stories ranging from scandalous royal affairs to battlefield surgeries—they cherish those childhood moments with their grandpa.

12″ x 12″ stamp sheet

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