Melange IOD Paint Inlay

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Our Melange Paint Inlay is a collage of designs that provide plenty of opportunities for small decor but it has also been laid out with large decor in mind for the perfect all-over eclectic pattern. This Vintage French Country is simply bursting with beautifully detailed art to adorn wherever your imagination takes you! 

The Melange Paint Inlay is also lovely for watercolor painting! Paint Inlays are water activated until sealed, but we found that the water-coloring worked just fine without disturbing the design, unless that was desired, in which case you can simply create friction with the brush to reactivate the Paint Inlay and distress as desired.

IOD Paint Inlays are made from proprietary artist-quality paints that we formulated specifically for decorative use. Organic in nature, the Paint Inlays transfer the painted design yielding a slightly varied and uniquely beautiful aesthetic each time they’re used. 

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