Christmas Kitties IOD Stamp

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The Christmas Kitties IOD Stamp is set is a must-have for animal lovers, transcending style limitations. But really, who could possibly resist the allure of tiny, adorable kittens? Opt for a vintage vibe by using tone-on-tone stamping on craft-colored cardboard or wood, and add an earthy touch by hanging your creation with hemp or jute, bound with red embroidery floss for that parcel-perfect ornament. For those leaning towards the mod, go for a black-on-white color scheme to achieve a funky, retro-twist aesthetic. Alternatively, let your inner Warhol shine by stamping kittens in different primary colors, creating a whimsical pop-art piece that will make your Christmas season utterly purr-fect.

12″ x 12″ stamp sheet

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