Hello Pumpkin IOD Mould

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Meet “Hello Pumpkin,” a special treat just for our fall decorators. This mould pays homage to all of you who have yearned for a pumpkin mould in our line-up.

At first glance, Hello Pumpkin unveils a splendid Cinderella-style pumpkin – a detailed mould that brims with delicate textures. The stems, crumpley leaves, and cascading tendrils breathe life into this mould. Picture it painted in a deep tangerine orange, a soothing robin egg blue, or perhaps a vintage aged cream. 

Whether you’re a fan of French farmhouse, classic traditional, or the whimsical cottage core, Hello Pumpkin effortlessly transcends style categories. Its timeless design ensures that it finds its place in a myriad of decor settings.

One 6" x 10" mould.

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