Ginger & Spice IOD Mould

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Meet the “Ginger & Spice Mould,” a true labor of love and a personal favorite of Josie’s (or one of them, anyway!). When IOD made this darling gingerbread family, they wanted something special…something a little over the top with personality and character than your average gingerbread man!! What came to life was this cheerful gingerbread family. 

Our gingerbread family is brimming with detail, from their cable-knit sweaters to their cherub faces. And the Scottie dog in his little sweater, how could we not!? We hope you enjoy this set as much as we do – every element of this set is designed to encapsulate the magic and nostalgia of a traditional, whimsical Christmas.

One 6" x 10" mould.

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