Entomology Etcetera IOD Transfer

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Entomology Etcetera IOD transfer is perfect for butterfly enthusiasts! Entomology Etcetera transfer is composed of multiple colored butterflies, bull frogs, bugs, bees, birds and other winged creatures in multiple sizes, colors and varieties. Now available in the new transfer pad format, Entomology Etcetera Transfer by Iron Orchid Designs includes four 12"x16" sheets of buildable images.

Use IOD furniture transfer decals to add visual style to your upcycled furniture and home décor projects. IOD furniture appliques are applied by rubbing them onto your project surface and can be cut, rearranged and overlapped to create new and unique designs. 

Once applied, be sure to seal with a high-quality water-based poly-acrylic sealer or solvent-free wax.

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