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Annie Sloan Polished Plaster is a water-based paste that creates a polished plaster effect on walls and furniture. Popular with interior designers seeking to create unique and visually striking surfaces within spaces, the Polished Plaster look will bring interest and timeless elegance to your home.

Polished plaster, also known as Tadelakt or Venetian plaster, is a luxurious and versatile decorative finish used in interior design. It gives an organic appearance, adding texture and warmth to interiors, and dries with a slight sheen for a marble-like finish. Traditional methods to create a Polished Plaster look involve applying multiple layers of a special plaster mixture, typically composed of lime, marble dust, and other natural additives, to create a smooth and highly polished surface. You can use Annie Sloan Polished Plaster to recreate this high-end finish in a matter of minutes. Simply apply to your surface, leave to dry, and voila!

Technical information

Always stir well and perform a patch test before using Annie Sloan Polished Plaster. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the texture of the paste before committing to furniture or walls.

Surfaces must be clean and dry before applying Annie Sloan Polished Plaster. Annie Sloan Polished Plaster can be applied alone, or mixed with Chalk Paint to give a tint of color to your plaster. We recommend using stronger colors and adding less Chalk Paint for best results. Test as you go, as different ratios will affect the ease of application, vibrancy, depth of coverage, sheen, and drying times.

How to Use:

Use a scraper, palette knife, or trowel to apply Annie Sloan Polished Plaster in a dollop before spreading around in all directions. Clean tools as you go, removing excess product. Allow this first base to dry slightly then use your scraping tool to level out and smooth the surface with the same wiping technique. Once this has fully dried, apply a second coat using the same process. For more of a sheen, once fully dry, buff the Annie Sloan Polished Plaster using a clean scraper.

Seal and protect using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax or Chalk Paint Lacquer.


Clean tools with warm soapy water immediately after use. To maintain your Annie Sloan Polished Plaster finish, clean with a damp cloth and mild detergents.

This product contains VOC <50g/l.


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