Candy Cane Cottage IOD Transfer

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If you love a vintage classic Christmas home, this darling traditional collection offers a myriad of classic Santas beautifully complemented by intricate florals, candy canes, and even “done for you” vintage signage! 

This set goes beyond mere whimsy; it encapsulates a romantic cottage essence sprinkled with delightful Christmas elements. This transfer collection is perfect whether you’re a lover of a traditional holiday motif or someone with an affinity for the whimsically romantic, you need this set!

Sally will be all over this collection because she just loves to create Christmas magic with a classic cottage feel in her home during the holidays!! The possibilities for making with this set go way beyond what we can possibly list here, but we love how this set contrasts with kraft color for cards and wrapping paper. The mix of vibrant reds and rich retro colors really lends itself to vintage charm for your Christmas small decor as well!  Galvanized buckets, chippy enamel pots, and plain vases get an instant holiday makeover with these beautiful Candy Cane Cottage transfers!

These are six 12" x 16" sheets.

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