Alphabellies IOD Stamp

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Catwalk IOD Stamp is the leopard print of high fashion in home decor. Perfect in scale and design you will love the impact this stamp will have on your creations. 

Dimensions: 12" x 12"

* Hover the stamp over your project surface to line up where you want to stamp before stamping.
* Once you're ready to stamp, COMMIT and don’t shift. That means, once your stamp makes contact with the surface, keep it there otherwise you might unintentionally smudge or create a double image.
* Use one hand to hold the stamp, then use your other hand to run your fingers over all the details of the stamp - apply even pressure and ensure good contact.
* Lift the stamp straight up off the project surface when done stamping, again being careful not to shift.
* Wipe your stamp clean with wipes immediately after use to prevent the medium from drying on the stamp.
* Last, and most important: Practice makes perfect! Stamping isn’t hard, but it does take a little practice to get it just right - especially as you try new medium and different surfaces to get it just right.

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