Noel IOD Paint Inlay

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There is just too much good stuff in this inlay. From sweet citrus sprigs to fresh-cut Christmas trees, it’s a must-have for all your Christmas home decor projects! 

Important Note:  for best results with basic application, use a chalk paint that does not contain polymers.  Polymer based paints and topcoats can also be used, but the results vary. 

IOD Paint Inlays are made from a proprietary artist quality paint which we formulated specifically for decorative use. They are organic in nature and the transfer of the painted design will be slightly varied and unique for each individual. The paint formula is “active” until sealed. That means that you can manipulate it and apply special techniques for a custom touch before you seal your piece. And, as if once wasn’t enough, you can often get a beautifully faded second impression from your Paint Inlay sheets and sometimes you can even get a third!

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