Juliette IOD Mould

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The breathtaking Juliette Mould is a captivating trellis-like pattern that invites you to adorn surfaces with seamless coverage of roses. It’s a departure from our usual format, being a full coverage connecting design, but oh, the allure of solid cast roses!

Picture small decor pieces like wall art, lamps, vases, and frames radiating elegance, or furniture transformed with drawers adorned end-to-end and covered in roses. And for our sugar arts fans, imagine a cake lavished with these gorgeous roses. 

Pro-Tip: This mould is overflowing with delicious detail. Make sure to dust the mould with cornstarch and pop it in the freezer for five minutes or more after casting but before releasing from the mould, to get the best results. Resin is a great choice as well to get that perfect casting. If you get a quick-setting resin, you can pop it out while it is still malleable if you need some flex around nonflat surfaces.  

Mould size is 6"x10" with a patented microrim for super easy casting with any medium.

IOD Moulds are perfect for adding decoration to furniture, mixed media, home decor, candy making, baking and jewellery making. You dream it you can make with these fabulous moulds!

IOD Moulds can be used with air dry clay, resin, polymer clay, earthen clay, chocolate, fondant, pastry dough and soap.

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